Top 8 of the most unusual beaches in the world.


After having made your dream thanks to the most beautiful beaches in the world, we present you with some of the most unusual beaches in the world.


The sea of stars on Vaadhoo Island, Maldives.

Located on Vaadhoo Island, Starfish Beach attracts many tourists every year.

Millions of bioluminescent phytoplankton are carried away by marine currents and deposited on the beach.

There are so many of them that they sparkle. This phenomenon is thus perfectly natural.


Papakōlea Beach, Hawaii.

Papakōlea beach is a green and sandy beach. Located near South Point, on the island of Hawaii, the color of this sand comes from the presence of the mineral olivine.

This greenish stone comes from a volcano located near the island.


Bowling Ball Beach, USA.

Located in Mendocino County, California, Bowling Ball Beach is a beach covered with strange round stones.

It is nicknamed the “bowling bowl beach”. Nature (the waves of the Pacific Ocean) designed this landscape.


Red Sand Shore, Canada.

Located on Prince Edward Island, Red Sand Shore is covered with red sand. This coloration is due to the high concentration of iron in the region


Maho Beach, Saint Martin.

You’ve already heard about this beach in an old article. Maho Beach is famous for being right next to an airport.

Tourists, tanning, therefore, regularly see huge planes arriving just above them.


La Playa del Amor, Mexico.

Playa del Amor” is a hidden beach in the Marieta Islands (Mexico). Indeed, this place is only accessible at low tide. To get there, you have to swim through a cave. This destination is truly sublime.


The Cathedral Beach in Ribadeo, Spain.

Cathedral Beach in Ribadeo is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. It owes its name to the impressive cliffs sculpted by the force of the sea.


Koekohe Beach, New Zealand.

Koekohe Beach is one of the top 10 most beautiful places in Oceania. On this beach, you can see Moeraki Boulders, large hemispherical rocks.

Nature has formed these rocks which can reach 7 tons.