London’s best 12 museums

11 london museums photos_British Museum

The Trustees of The British Museum
British Museum: The magnificent Great Court of one of the world’s oldest museums leads into a collection of eight million awe-inspiring objects.
13 london museums photos_Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum: The V&A, as its known, is home to world-renowned collection of 5,000 years of human creativity. Its fashion exhibits are amazing.
05 london museums photos_Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museums: The main branch of these museums resides in the building formerly known as the mental hospital Bedlam. This institution tells the stories of people who have lived and died in wars from WWI through today.
01 london museums photos_Design Museum

Gravity Road
The Design Museum: Founded in 1989 by Sir Terence Conran, the archive has amassed an influential modern collection.
12 london museums photos_V&A Museum of Childhood Interior

Victoria and Albert Museum
V&A Museum of Childhood: With or without children in tow, this spot offers hours of hands-on delight.
07 london museums photos_Natural History Museum

The Trustees of the Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum: Established about 150 years ago, the institution is host to 80-million specimens, some collected by Charles Darwin.
10 london museums photos_Science Museum

Science Museum SSPL
Science Museum: This institution, on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, calls itself the “home of human ingenuity.”
06 london museums photos_Medicine Man Gallery

Wellcome Images
Wellcome Collection: Medical instruments anyone? Sir Henry Wellcome was a Victorian pharmacist and collector who assembled medical tools and curiosities that the public can now see.
04 london museums photos_Horniman Museum & Gardens

Joel Knight
Horniman Museum & Gardens: A must-visit in south London, this awe-inspiring place focuses on zoological oddities such as its famed taxidermied walrus.
09 london museums photos_Old Operating Theatre

Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret
Old Operating Theatre: Explore antique surgical tool, and the oldest surviving operating room at this obscure but fascinating place.
08 london museums photos_National Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum
National Maritime Museum: Among the noteworthy sea-related treasures here is an investigation of Captain Cook’s last voyage to look for the Northwest Passage in the 1770s.
03 london museums photos_Grant Museum Zoology

Matt Clayton/UCL Grant Museum of Zoology
Grant Museum of Zoology: This small but perfectly curated spot focuses on curiosities such as animal models and remains.