15 Restaurants Worth Traveling to LONDON City for.


Discover 15 of the best places to eat in London city.


 The British capital has become gastronomy you’ll find all types of food, from the most modest street cuisine to gourmet restaurants with three stars.


London has all kinds of restaurants: you will find Peruvian as well as Persian, Italian, Indian, English or Brazilian restaurants… Choosing where to eat is not always easy.


1 Barrica

Located in the West End area, this good London restaurant is authentic and will allow you to taste the best of Spanish cuisine.


The delicatessen comes from Salamanca, and the red wine is served iced.


The restaurant serves a wide variety of meat-based tapas – such as smoked duck breast – or fish (wild sea bass, mackerel…).


Don’t miss the opportunity to taste some delicious patatas bravas.




2 River Café

Dine by the river in this famous Italian restaurant in London.


Created by architect Richard Rogers and run by his wife (chef) Ruth Rogers, River Café is one of London’s most stylish places to enjoy a dish of fresh pasta and meats grilled to perfection.


Don’t miss a plate of delicious Italian cheeses. For dessert, you can taste many flavors of gelato (ice cream).


If you love Italian cuisine but don’t know where to eat it in London, you’ve come to the right place. Buon Appetito.


3. The Goring Dining Room

In this London restaurant, you will be served like a king and you can taste the best English cuisine such as stuffed Norfolk quail, Cornish cod or Cotswolds chicken.


Don’t miss a taste of Drumkilbo eggs – they say it would be the Queen of England’s favorite dish! Without a doubt one of the best restaurants in London if you want to taste local specialties.



4. Hoxton Grill

Inspired by American bars, this grill houses leather benches and exposed brick walls. The menu of this London restaurant offers a wide choice of burgers, ribs or barbecue grilled meats.


Don’t miss the beef grill at the Chateaubriand. The wine list offers a wide choice of wines sold at a reasonable price.


5. Boundary Restaurant

Located in a former Victorian warehouse basement, the Boundary is an elegant (and modern) French restaurant.


The menu changes according to the seasonal products but is always delicious.


You can taste cold cuts, fresh oysters, Thermidor lobster, and a soufflé to finish the meal in style. Here’s another nice restaurant in London.