10 good reasons to visit Lisbon.

Lisbon has recently become a fashionable European capital. Discover 10 reasons, among many others, that make Lisbon the ideal destination for your future holidays.


1. Belém: the heart of the discoveries

Belém is one of the most important districts of the Portuguese capital. From there, several of the most famous navigators embarked on the many maritime explorations carried out by the Portuguese between the beginning of the 15th century and the middle of the 16th century.


Today, various monuments bear witness to those glorious times: the Monastery of the Hieronymites (in Portuguese: Mosteiro dos Jeronimos), which is now a national pantheon, the magnificent Tower of Belém, built at the time to protect the entrance to the port of Lisbon, and of course the Monument to discoveries, a historical sculpture, with an exceptional view of the river.


2. Historic districts.

Alfama, Madragoa, Bairro Alto, these are only a few typical districts of Lisbon that give us an idea of what the city was like more than 500 years ago.


Despite the changes over the years, the medieval character has remained thanks to its small streets and stairs.


Old habits and traditions are maintained from generation to generation for the people who live in these neighborhoods. It is a particular way of life, a family atmosphere, close by, where all the neighbors know each other and discuss, often each other from their windows.


3. The 7 hills.

The 7 hills on either side of the Tagus are the geographical footprint of the city.

With several points of view, they are the ideal places to enjoy the beauty and incredible light of Lisbon, with rest areas, bars and where in summer you can even count on the presence of DJs to entertain you in the late afternoon.


4. Electric trams.

The electric trams, Eléctricos, in Portuguese, are old trams that are part of the city’s public transport system.


These are not tourist transports, they are really part of the daily life of the local inhabitants, and it is a very interesting way to discover the city, and admire some details that otherwise might go unnoticed.


5. Museums and art collections.

The Musée National des Carrosses presents a collection of 16th and 17th-century horse-drawn carriages that are unique in the world.


The National Museum of the Azulejo, housed in a former convent, hosts an exhibition that tells the story of the Portuguese Azulejos from the 16th century to the present day.


And for art lovers the choice is not limited either, the National Museum of Ancient Art or the Berardo Collection Museum, these are two of the many museums dedicated to modern and contemporary art in the city.



6. Belem pastel.

Belem pastel, the taste of tradition. These cupcakes are mandatory for all those who are going to discover Lisbon.


This is the most delicious way to get to know the city’s tradition. This ancient and secret recipe, originating from the Monastery of the Hieronymites, dates from 1837 and continues to ravage all those who taste this little treasure of Portuguese pastry.


7. The Tagus

Lisbon has always had a direct relationship with this river, which plays a very important role in the life of the city.


Nowadays, as in the past, the city is growing up facing the river. In the past, the heart of Lisbon was the famous Place du Commerce, opposite the Tagus, where the Royal Palace was the political center of the kingdom.

Today, the National Park is a symbol of the city, where its modern buildings and contemporary avenues are also located off this charming river.


8. The beaches next to the city

Lisbon is the only European capital located so close to sandy beaches. The coast offers many beaches known for its wonderful caves and huge dunes, where, in hot weather, we can enjoy the sun with impressive views.


9. The longest bridge in Europe.

The Vasco DA Gama Bridge, with a length of more than 12km, remains the longest in Europe, and one of the largest in the world.


It was inaugurated in 1998, with a Feijoada, a typical Portuguese dish, for 15 thousand people, a record set in The Guinness Book.

A very impressive bridge through which all tourists absolutely want to pass once in Lisbon!


10. Cheap! Cheap!

Lisbon remains one of the cheapest capitals in Europe for those who decide to take a short getaway.


In terms of bars and restaurants, it is difficult to find cheaper than here, and this is precisely one of the reasons why tourists choose the Portuguese capital, especially for younger people!